Thursday, May 29, 2014

Speed Limit for Car Manufacturer's.

When a young blood sits in driver's seat, he pushes the accelerator to the extent of touching the car's floor. This is world wide phenomenon and will never die. But these thrill creating events cause a great loss when this young blood spills over highways, or makes others blood to spread over. The fuel wastage is high and environmental pollution increases.

Every government, environmentalist and parent's has concerns in this. And the problem is becoming serious nowadays. Govts are making laws & policies, opening hospitals, widening roads etc. Environmentalists are growing trees. And parents are praying to God for their children's safety after allowing them to drive (no other choice left).

But what is the outcome; pollution, accidents and death-tolls are increasing. I feel something wrong about it and what is it ? We apply aftermath solutions. Can we be proactive and prevent this beforehand. We know that Govts. can't punish before crime but can prevent it by increasing surveillance. 

So, in this case, if the car's and other vehicle's manufacturers are guided to make vehicle which speed can't exceeds the speed limits of a particular country's. Can this be a solution ?

In India, the maximum speed on any road is 90 km/hr. In USA 130 km/hr. and so on. But when we drive a car it can be accelerated  to 80km/hr (Nano) or 230 km/hr (Bugatti/Ferrari). 

Why these cars run so fast even no government wants to run them at this speed. May be because govt is made of people and they too want to break the rules or they don't have visions. 

Lets say what if all car manufacturers make cars which can run only within limits for a particular country, can there be less pollution, less accidents ? And for vehicle owners less maintenance, less expenditure on fuel, less prays to God for loved one's safety ?

There are many other benefits of speed limit. Police can track down the running vehicle with minimum hurdles. Drug mafias and other criminals can't run away in vehicles.  Running vehicle can be halted within safe distance. Inflation will come down as less fuel will be burnt. And so on.

Its just a proactive idea, and to get its result at least somewhere, should be tested. There are many examples where speeding causes extreme troubles, like everybody fears from Haryana roadways. Chain car accidents on highways. Even if you have stopped your vehicle in safe distance, you still fear that following vehicle can stuck your vehicle.