Monday, November 18, 2013

Chingu Blanket - Himachal and J&K tourism

Manali, is the place which gives a feeling of satisfaction & contention among its residents .Its clearly visible that the local residents are highly contended with their earnings & lifestyle, irrespective of the acute weather conditions. They are dependent on agriculture but nobody knows when nature will spoil the vegetatation :(

Our Taxi driver was a very gentle man. Travelling with him was giving us much comfort to feel that we are with our local guardian. He had introduced us with the culture, living style etc. of Manali. To our surprise, he alerted us to be cautious of the clever & decisive shopkeepers.

We visited the local market on the first day, we almost didn't find any garment shop which was not selling the so -called  blanket -"CHINGU". We felt like buying it. Every shopkeeper was offering similar package - 1 chingu double bed - 1 double bed sheet - 1 single bed sheet & 2 more items (don't remember now ), in total five products. But we were not interested in any product other than chingu. We found it costly there & felt that the shopkeeper was deceiving us with the package he was offering. So decided not to buy it from that market & check the authenticity first.

We went back to our hotel & searched  a few websites & became more through with the product now. So we decided to buy it from Kullu .Our driver also suggested the same. He introduced us to a shop (Sood Shawls, Kullu) in Kullu. We could now get the Chingu separately (without any other product with it ). We found the price very genuine - Rs. 2000/- with the same terms & conditions as in Manali viz . it can be replaced after 5 years etc.

Now we are using it for the second season . It is giving perfectly good service, very cozy & smooth to touch.
We are now planning to get a second chingu delivered from the same shop !!

Thanks to our driver and pure spirit of Manali.

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Archana said...

totally agree!! Even I had a similar experience! n that leaves me with a yearning to go thr again, on a more longer trip than the last one!! \m/