Friday, June 14, 2013

The Dream I Aspire.

[This is my dream, while sleeping. Not an open eyed dream.]

It was a nice morning and some of my friends had gathered for a speech at some school in Himalayan Valley (may be). The podium was decorated with flowers & garlands.Students were joining the school function with their parents. There was then a lady who was to share how she had became the IAS officer and all the ways, she tested for fighting with the system. She was a little nervous and wanted to ask me, before she could say anything, about the school and students life.

Next scene that I was seeing was that a few of my friends were sitting under a tree. It was an open ground with trees and grass. The lady was going to deliver her speech as she was the new IAS trainee. (This might be Mussoorie), I felt somehow that I already knew the contents of speech so I started to walk towards an old structure where some children were playing. Moved further and it was a coast there and an old fortress. I enjoyed the sunset there and returned back. It was still morning there. The lady felt bad about her oratory and walked out of the place.

I somehow wanted to say something philosophical about lifetime events and the first time we had faced new situations. I too came out of the place and started singing. Yes ! you read it right, singing. It was in sufiyana style and it was a gazal.

aa........aa......aaaa................ The whole valley stopped and started singing with me. It was the best part, some girls were dancing (in Shimla attire) and whole valley had stood on both sides of the road and all were singing and some were playing instruments. I kept going.

In real life my singing is bad I think and got same feedback too; so I can't just record this gazal in my voice and share here, but I will do asap I found some time and find a good singer. The Tune was fantastic and it was quite new to me too. So in short I composed a Gazal in my dream. It was like this, if you can sing with me too...
[Gazal is based on the Talk between God and Human Being or its creation.]

हम तो तेरे दर से sssss, aa..ssss..... हम तो तेरे दर से sssss, यूँ ही गुजर जायेंगेs,

हम तो तेरे दर सेss यूँ ही गुजर जायेंगे,

हम तो तेरे दर सेss यूँ ही गुजर जायेंगे,

तेरी मर्ज़ी है की sssss, तेरी मर्ज़ी है की sssss, तेरी रहमत हो या नहींs

हम तो अपने हीsss कर्मो से जाने जायेंगे, नाम तेरा हो हमाराs, हमें परवाह नहीं ||

हम तो तेरे दर सेss यूँ ही गुजर जायेंगेsss

I walked down the road and there was a market at some height, with stairs so climbed up and keep singing.

When I woke up, I felt very happy with tremendous energy in myself. I wrote down those line from Gazals.

This is the power of dream, which can make you happy and all energized in the morning or dull and tired.

With love and hope true wisdom lies with you.

हम तो तेरे दर से यूँ ही गुजर जायेंगे,
तेरी मर्ज़ी है की, तेरी रहमत हो या नहीं |
हम तो अपने ही कर्मो से जाने जायेंगे,
नाम तेरा हो हमारा, हमें परवाह नहीं || (He only to blame not me.)

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Archana said...

Wow!!! Amazing dream!! and amazingly described too :-) It somehow resembles to the experience I had recently too!! beautiful!! Keep dreaming..n sharing! :) \m/