Saturday, March 16, 2013

UPSC IFS Exam pattern, A blunder !!

An aspirant after graduation who is preparing for IFS should have done his schooling in English medium ! As an aspirant might have reached an age of 22+ , & convent /english medium schools were accessible to city residents only 15-20 years ago,the time when such aspirants were admitted to these schools. So, majority of IFS aspirants belong to metro cities & not to towns or  villages (near forest area).

So, these aspirants have enjoyed the life of a city where people have money oriented mindset, less green area, surrounded by  industries, lack of open living space, and many other things which are not associated with forests. People of both kinds ,born with silver spoon in their mouth as well as those who can just manage two meals of a day can be easily seen. So, in both the kinds he is not aware of  life of Trees. Even today, if you ask an IFS aspirant if he/she can recognize the tree which they might have seen in books, he/she will definitely be speechless.

Recently, parliament raised a question against UPSC CS Mains English paper, putting forth the pain of Rural Background and other regional language students that they will have less chances to score !! I fail to understand  why they are not opposing the IFS exam pattern, where student from rural background or near forest people are required who really understands trees and ecosystems.

I think as an IFS officer one should love trees and wildlife rather then indulging metrolife. He/she should be more connected to trees and animals rather then people who chase behind money and luxury in their life. This is a fundamental thing that one should possess to increase forest area and preserve wild life.

UPSC should rethink  and allow Hindi and other languages so that forests can be preserved and those who want to earn money can be kept away from wild life.

There may be other aspects but the basic requirement of govt. is to save forest and wild life.

Hope, someday UPSC will understand.

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