Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Bottle's Story.

I was resting in a refrigerator,
enjoying company of my sister,

One fellow came, pointed out finger at me
Caretaker sold me for some money,

It was hot and sunny outside,
my cap was opened, which was tight,

When empty, I was thrown carelessly,
Nobody cared or noticed slightly,

I was laying on a rough surface,
Waiting to be crushed over or defaced,

When a car flattened me, I made a noise,
For next action I was  poise,

Sometimes I jumped, sometimes flied,
I don't remember now how I died,

I was disposed and became a garbage,
Waiting to be nabbed and thrown in a bag,

This fellow is wasting time in writing about me,
You too spend some time laughing at me,

Hoping to be recycled ,I will go to a factory,
What will I be, will always be a mystery !! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awesome dude!
made me sad for the bottle.