Monday, December 17, 2012

Advancing the Dependent Systems

Life on earth started with algae and fungi. Many years ago, a plant cell was formed which produces food for itself and for others. Soon, this self developed system became advanced as a tree and covered the whole earth.

   These plants created such a beautiful and healthy environment and made this earth our ‘Mother Earth’. That environment might have provided such resources in which a human being of present times could have lived for 200 years.

   These were independent, providing food to many dependent systems and still are serving! They made to survive an animal cell and supporting to advance it, as we see the most advanced animal cell as human body.

   The way of living of these two systems is entirely different from the way it originated. Now, the survival of the self dependent system is based on the mercy of its dependent creatures. Quite a lot of scientists and intellectuals have foretold that if the same conditions continue to exist for another couple of centuries, this plant system may vanish.

    Let’s talk about another story here; Humans, as most developed creatures, have created another human dependent system named ‘machines’ which are advancing day-by-day. Entire human race is eager to develop them more!

     Do you feel these two stories are inter–related? What a plant system on earth did to animals and what we are doing to machines?

     Artificial intelligence, automated machines, aircraft and robots are recent advancements. Recently automated driven cars are allowed in USA, and drone jets which take self decisions are used in Afghan war. These advancing system are allowed and supported by whom? We, the human governments!

     The thing a plant has but an animal can’t, is a self food producing unit. And same way, a machine can’t have which a human has are the ethics and morality.

     History even shows us our future. Many movies and novels have depicted the unexpected output still it’s hard to understand by most advanced mind on earth. Either it is Destiny or God’s will that nobody can stop what is going to be written. Only history remains and its keep repeating.

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