Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Every New Year starts with sweets, wishes and resolutions. Most of our resolutions are like “five year plans” of Indian Government, which gets an enthusiastic kick-off and gradually fades out. At the end of time line, we even don’t remember them, same as our ‘sarkar’.

My all time resolution was writing, but due to games addiction (indoor, outdoor and computer), I am not able to fulfill it. But, now, I am going to bear one more person’s responsibility, I must learn, how to stick to my goals.

Last year 2011, big changes came to my end.  I left IBM for new adventures in professional world. I was never certain, even from my school time, where and what work will I do for earning or what kind of office I will fit in! IBM was indeed a milestone, but I couldn’t confine me inside a cubical J

I strongly feel that I am a seeker. But what I have to seek, still I have to figure out; as travelling paths are dependent on the seeking goals. The decide which path to choose, we think and to think, we all need some time, thus I got this preparation time to explore, I mean reading.

I found most of people doing, which they are told to or asked to, even without knowing why. And my why (question) is not about ‘just keeping your family together and healthy’ or ‘providing them a luxurious life’, it’s about ‘is this the actual goal of human life’?

When you take a new decision which can bring drastic changes in your life, you start justifying yourself. But what I felt is the “Believe” you should depend on, rather than other justifiable or reasonable logics.
Before deciding to choose a different path for professional life, I visited ‘Leh-Laddakh’, river ‘Gange’, some temples, lakes, AND crowded places, Delhi metro, and markets.  As I mentioned in earlier blog, only memories matters to a human life, [and doing to this world] so you should build only which makes you smile.

I am thankful to IBM which gave me support and learning of practical life. And most important, good friends and memories. A new perspective about work and how it’s done. How to explain an article in a meeting when most of people are dreaming. How to slow down your mind and constraint other mind’s from diverting the topic. J

After leaving IBM it was difficult to see bank a/c only decreasing ;), hard to meet with office friends, and adjusting in new reading life. But after college I was becoming more desperate for reading, and finally I was deeply into.

Even with this new routine, I met with office friends and old school friends. We had a Diwali get together in Alwar. It always gives me pleasure meeting with school friends. We all grew older, some lost hairs and some gained weight. Old memories refreshed again with ice-cream and evening snacks.

Year 2012, Again Hope is enlightened for bright future; Dreams, which I forget, come into routine again about maintaining a village or town or district or my country.  Gaining knowledge is started to create more sophistication inside my mind and attitude. I read many biographies to inspire me. Specially “Navin Gulia’s”, a Jat brother who is working with NGO to improve education in poor children, ‘In Quest of Last Victory’.

With Love and Warm wishes for New Year 2012 …

“No matter what they tell us, No matter what they do”
“No matter what they teach us, what we believe is true”


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