Thursday, June 23, 2011

Year 2010 - Chapter Two

Expectations, a vocab word doesn't has only conversational role in our life, it has wide impact on everyone's daily life. From emotions, feeling, praying to anger, disappointments everything in our relative world, depends on how much and what we expect. (From ourselves and others)

People expectations level change the way you contact them, lets briefly describe it in table:

How you meet      -        Expectations (Increase or Decrease)
1. Face-to-face                     -               Sharply
2. Voice Communication      -               Moderate
3. eMail, mails                     -               Less

So, you can change/generate feelings in other person, with an option of deepness and wideness of the change.

This is not a theoretical analysis, after moving near to hometown, these are keen observations and analysis.

Your well wishers, most of time, advise you to be practical when you are an adolescent.  I always wonder what is practical, how people can expect you to be practical without explaining theories. But in India most parents of each class hope that their children will learn theory and practical by themselves.

Lets come to my updates for year 2010, you are certainly hoping as title of blog, I too gained some practical knowledge. This knowledge widen my dreaming and areas of interest.

While retrospecting year 2010, I found that a person gains respect in non-intellectual people by how much bank balance is increased in a month. This bothered me but there are very few options. People can only become sophisticated by themselves; a teacher can teach how to be an intellect, is rare scenario.

I had some work with government employees (Babus) like patwari and Tehsildaar, and work became time consuming as I wished not to bribe them. I took stand on my principle and things delayed by months. My family finally put some smiles on their face so we can resume progress.

I thought to take some help form RTI and let me see how far I can go. This put a thought in my mind that you should be fit in the environment you are living. The bribe amount is prepositional to earnings, and I didn't get a damn who tell them (babus) how much we are making. (Till 2010)

So, I was working on the Idea (mentioned above), and I concluded that I should prepare for Civil Services (CS). I researched about this and found out very supportive and interesting change in CS. Now there will be aptitude test instead of 2 optional papers in Prelims.

As in changing of surroundings,  I found lot of changes in my perceptiveness.

More discussion on different aspects in next blog.

"ना दोस्त है कोई ना दुश्मन है, तेरा शहर कितना वीरान
यहाँ किसका चेहरा देखू, सब के सब है मुझसे अन्जान
कहे किसे की साथ चल मेरे, है यहाँ सारे के सारे परेशान
कल तक था वो इश्क का जूनून, आज जो तन्हाई है वो उसका वरदान"