Monday, March 21, 2011

Year 2010 - Chapter One

कुछ इस तरह बीता है ये साल, की आखिर में आके लगा थोडा सुस्ता ले .. और इसी के चक्कर में छूट गया blog लिखना.

हर डगर के मोड़ पे हम, बीतें कुछ पल छोड़ आये है, 
जिन पेड़ो तले सोये, उनके कुछ पत्ते तोड़ लाये है, 
साहिलों की खोज में, हमने तो छान डाला सारा समंदर, 
नयी किस्तियो में हम, कुछ मांझी छोड़ आये है !!

It was not just a year finished for us, it was decade we have lived. Only GOD find everybody precious for him, thus he creates opportunities to prove every creature in HIS universe. Some feel these as problems and waste their time in worrying. And few's name get written in golden latter in the book of History. 

दिल की कुछ ख्वाहिशे, हर समय टीस बनकर यू चुभती रहती है, 
कर तो सकते है उनको पूरी, लेकिन कुछ जिम्मेदारिया रहती है,
आज़ादी तो किसी भी इंसान को नहीं मिली पूरी तरह इस ज़माने में,
जिंदगी भर इसी कदर दिल और दीमाग में जद्दोजहद जारी रहती है !!

Same way (above 4 lines.), I met with many people, first time I was dealing with; who has wishes for me, from me. That was a real and nice experience with different mind-set persons.

One thing I felt deeply that 'we' the new generation is opting a life style which is easier and already well  established. Like an example, many person do belongs to villages, and after study the get a job. They make their room in urban society. Thats a good thing, for them and their family, as every person wants better education, food and shelter for their children. So, what went wrong, why this life style bothering me, if you are thinking the same then let me answer you.

"Why these people who make a room in this urban and well established society forget that who provided them the needed when he/she was studying. Why they forget that someone else is created a platform for you. Its not only their family in village, its all surrounding who supported . And when they become educated the first thing they learn is that their surrounding was wrong and this new urban surrounding is good."

"Then they think, that the old surrounding will be bad for their subordinates, because they have already experienced it. And they, as a good person (thinking in their mind), opt for the better."

"So, answer me, knowing this fact, that only one or two get educated in a village family and rest earns for their study expenditure; why a person leaves them behind and feel uncomfortable the surrounding for his children. Why he become selfish even after seen the sacrifice their family (or combine family) did."

Don't this person should help the village and his/her rural family to rise-up and live better. Don't their sacrifice be rewarded. They have already made their choices and when the turn turns around, they find nothing for what they have done. But their heart is always satisfied for what they have chosen.

It was a good year (second half) for agriculture. Crops were fantastic. Only bad thing that farmers didn't get good returns from the government and I too didn't feel good all about this. But we have to live for the future and hope for the better.

Continue the Year 2010...


Shiv K. Chaudhary said...

I have changed the title, pls don't mind it :)

Hem said...

Awesome dude ....
And I believe education and awareness
going to change things.

Renu said...

Fantastic thoughts!!