Thursday, September 16, 2010

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I think, I should change the tile 'Life in weekly status' to something else. There is nothing to share on each week. I have an idea, lets make it "weekly mind changes' or 'I am addicted to blogging'... pls suggest something......

Season was changing now, amount of rain was decreasing these days. I heard news about dam broke and water was in rivers. Because of this, the water level increased in north Rajasthan. The 2 dams were built for water supply to Jaipur but due to no water in rivers the villages and towns were facing water deficiency. I can't support this kind of way of government to support urbanization and destroying crops and making fields barren.

 One of my school friend 'Raju' visited my home this weekend. He was on his business tour. When he reached Behror, it was moonlighted night. We tried to switch off our bike's light and the environment was more brighter then our bike's headlamp. It was amazing experience, switching off and on the lights and feel the change.

I always enjoyed taking bath in tube-well water. It is always at the pleasing temperature to take a warm bath. I hope Raju might have enjoyed this too. We shared a lot of thoughts about purpose of mankind and a family member.

In past I have started watching many comedy TV serials. Now a days I am regular to "How I Met Your Mother'. Its a classic with humor and friendship events. I usually download the weekly episode in night and watch with bed tea. I was very much involved in the serial "That 70's Show'. I liked very much the 'Seinfeld' it has very light humor that I have used many times even in my life.

I was increasing my social skill via internet and meeting with people, and believe there is a lot more then facebooking !!

I have visited Alwar and ordered a suit. I am increasing compatibility between my responsibilities and my hobbies. I think this is right time to fulfill both, this way I feel more happy.

I didn't share any quotes from my book in this blog, as you may have seen reading through. I thought all the time teaching will not be helpful until unless you have time to share things which makes people comfortable.

If anyone likes TV shows/serials, I would like to suggest 'Seinfeld' is must watch.

With love....

(Old Loving lines)

किसी की मुस्कुराहटों पे हो सके तो हो निशार, किसी का दर्द ले सके तो ले उधार,
किसी के वास्तें हो तेरे दिल में प्यार... जीना इसी का नाम है....

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