Thursday, September 23, 2010

9.16.2010 . 9.22.2010

We always wonder, from where these come, where they go, how to handle. Which called 'Feelings' or in technical word 'Human Connections'.

This week, I stayed at home for an extended weekend. Extended weekend provides you always some extra, like extra relax, extra time with family, extra-extra. I too, thought extra this week about a custom of my community or better village tradition.

We all are having relatives, and when we talk about a community like a village or mohalla we share joy and sorrow together. Tradition is quite in same way, when a person passes away, all relatives and belonged villagers come to visit that family. This is 13 days long event, people come and share their bore(II form of bear) experiences, how to overcome pain of a young lose and how to give thanks to HIM for an old.

We too have visitors when our Grandmother passed away. I guess around 4000 people came in total. When we talked on these events people are more pure at heart. Because that time the conversion is about our feelings which are somehow monitored by heart.

So, in this same area 'feelings', I did a deep dive and explored some extra perspective for me. In our Veds or Puraans, people have described five kinds of bad feelings. "Lust (काम), Anger (क्रोध), Ego (मद), Obsession (मोह) and Greed (लोभ)." Its well know truth that a person who overcomes all these should be called a 'saint (संत).

My exploration was how and when we have good feeling, for that I took a long walk towards my green fields with high plants बाजरा and अरहर.

First thing I found was that when we have strong feeling good or bad we feel free, mind doesn't think about future or past and there is a lot of motivation to go with the feeling. And when we have less strong feeling we feel insecure doesn't matter feeling is good/bad. Our mind makes conclusions and retrospect simultaneously.

Controlling bad and sharing good feelings will always make your life paths brighter, shorten the distance to destiny, empower you to be connected and most of all feel secure.

You will find all research about feeling in my book in details and how to separate feelings if you are having mixed ones. Also the best ways (well according to me they are best :) ) to control them. I will be writing in incoming blogs.

Along with this extra, I did some extra work for office as one of my colleague was on leave. Waited to meet the next weekend when I was going out again on exploration of a villager Mind.

With love...

कितनी भी बार सोचलो, कितनी भी बार समझलो,
कितनी भी बार छोड़ दो, कितनी भी बार जोड़ लो,
ये दिल की बातें नहीं होती कभी भी आसाँ,
ये होती है सीधे की सीधी, चाहे कितनी ही बार मोड़ लो.....

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Amudha said...

Liked the way you described what "strong" feelings do to a person...