Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9.1.2010 . 9.7.2010

Month of September started. Do you know it is highest birth-rate month, I leave this up you to find out.

In Rajasthan and Haryana rainy season continues. I planted many trees in my home and all are sprouting with the expected rate. But this rain is harming field 's crop'बाजरा'.

Days are not excited now. I visit so frequently my home that I lost the feeling of Nostalgia. We feel excited when there is change of feelings from bad-to-good or vice-versa.

There were many idea to start a new work. The work that belongs to me, and it was hard to find what actually inside me.

Life is simple but we have to learn living it only through tough way. Thats how HE designed a human life, even for all creatures. But sometimes people violet this rule, take shortcuts, and meet with only failure. Someone may find this successful but its all illusion.

Same thing was happening to me. I believed that arrange marriages are simple and easy. I felt that I left behind from where people stand now, even though my thoughts are firms, futuristic and logical.

I realized that very wise people designed social rules in every region of the world. All cultures are having different people, locations, customs and way of communications. But all have some common rules, the rules which have saved humans to be destroyed.

 Like, marriage is very simple example. Another is education.

My motivation was going down towards completing my book, which I have started in random collective chapters'. Meanwhile, I read a small story, which surely motivate all of us to continue our beloved work.

"There was a person dreamer and writer. He started writing many talented stories, theories and art work. Once he started one thing, in between he found another idea and left the previous one. Thus he started many things but didn't complete even a single item. After his death people researched his articles and work, and concluded the this world lost a very talented man but his talent is not worthy."

So, accomplishment of the work should be the sole purpose of starting one, if you want to shine.

With love...

सहिलो पे सजी थी किस्तिया, फिर भी दरिया में डूब कर हम पार आये,
बने हुए थे express highways, फिर भी हमको कच्चे पथरीले रास्तें ही पाए;
नहीं मिलता अनुभव यहाँ पर, किसी मुसाफिर की कहानियां सुनकर,
ठोखर खाकर ही सीखा जाता है इस ज़माने में, तभी तो हम इन उजालो में आये !!


Megha said...

Finding the right partner in arrange marriage in only the beginning. Real struggle starts after marriage.

Rajesh said...

i liked again the new post. i don't know but every time you write something and i feel like reinvent myself. it can give a feeling of "kuch jyda ho gaya" but its true for me.

carry on buddy...

would like to hear about friends also...

Shiv K. Chaudhary said...

Yes Megha, I am preparing for this but not sure, how far it will take me to win the battles !!

Sure Rajesh, I will add stuff; even in new post I have already did (draft), when you visited my home.