Monday, July 12, 2010

7.5.2010 . 7.11.2010

I always dreamed to wake up by voices of birds and mild sound of crops, which are softly moved to-and-fro by wind. On Monday morning at Home, while it was raining, I came across to my dream fulfilled.

You won't believe that a software engineer can wake up as early as 5AM, just to start the day. I was sleeping under the open sky, on roof, and when I opened my eyes it was amazing outside, sun was rising in the east with very big shape, and breeze was blowing. The Bal hanuman story in which he gulped the sun, came to my mind.

After breakfast, I started to Gurgaon office, to see the office differently then I have worked here remotely. And the major difference was, I had my bike with me, and it was amazing to ride on a cruise even when you know that you are going some bored and exhausted place.

All 4 days were same, boring and alone. In this office people don't talk, don't move, even don't smile as if they are working here on the gun's point. I tried to find out the guns, but all in vein.

I left office on Thursday evening, and reached home. I took a long breath of relief and calmness as soon as I put step out of bus. In metros, when I see people that crowded, I start hating them as I am not able to resolve this, for what purpose they are standing and moving on with 1 SqFt land. Its all illusions, the metros, the people and the life.

My home is situated in a village. When I see fields of green grass, trees, and birds; I again start loving people. And it make me feel that we shouldn't run, w shouldn't just watch, we should be the part of usual life.

Rest 3 days, I emitted the various sounds, noises from my mind, which were filled when I was in Gurgaon. Believe or not, I felt the process of noise emission, and increasing calmness in mind.

I also help to move some heavy stones ;), as I was trying my strength in construction work, which was going on at home. I have shared pics on fb and orkut, if you are interested in.

Again with a sweet Morning, 11th July, I started to the place, where I am opposite to inner myself.

Thanks to the nature, and you all who are supporting my belief to live for the people, I am living with.

यूँ तो इन हवाओ ने, हमें सुनाया है हाल आपका,
इन फिज़ाओ ने गुनगुनाया है कोई गीत आपका,
दिल को फिर भी नहीं मिलाती तसल्ली इन सब से,
जब तक खुद नहीं देख लेते, FB पे satatus आपका. ...


Incognito said...

Keep up the good work man....I see a lot of improvement in your writing, though there is lot more to improve in..

Keep writing!

Renu said...

Long Time Shiv.
Was good to read.
Essentially , you have a lot of substance in the write Up.
Keep Writing.