Monday, August 16, 2010

7.31.2010 . 8.15.2010

Time started flying when August 2010 came. Actually, when you travel on each weekend to home and spend time with family, time always rides on a jet plane !! I was expecting it would be more relaxing to move near home, but it is a illusion/mirage. Family and relatives expect more when you around them. At least to visit and share time with them. And believe me you will never let them down if you understand the true meaning of 'responsibility' and of course you love them.

The First week of August started as follows: Along with usual office life, I got a new friend to scrap on 'orkut'. I was astonished to find out that orkut has new version like facebook. Its Google now, who is copying !! . But this time I was careful or you can say this time I was implementing what I have learned (experience) 'how to talk new people or future friends' as I have got varieties of feedback from my old friends.

A quote from my book "Its doesn't matter how desperate we are to achieve something/destiny/मंजिल but unless-until we fulfill the criteria to have that destiny we can't have it."

Explaining: Many times we are desperate  to get something like 'IIT-JEE' a job in 'Google' and so on... but have you tried differently, yes you must have. So, what are the obstacles your are facing on the way. There are 2-way of exploring the hidden things, First is your eye, and second is the Destiny's eye. So, keep both the eye with you, plan accordingly and you will see yourself over where you wished so deeply.

In these weeks I visited Alwar again for my venture to check the locations and some people arrangements.

We all are doing daily management and also are going through many management processes. What I feel that the most difficult is managing people in any environment. I salutes the HR managers and People managers !!

During this week, due to some reason I visited a village in south Alwar district. My home town is in North Alwar, so this was ride across Alwar. I and My Bro both enjoyed the long 120km one way ride. During this journey we met with rain, sunshine, mountains, breeze, wind like cyclone in summary 'nature'.

All the Best....

अनजाने रास्तों पे चलना, हमने कब शीखा था,
किसी से मुलाकात करना, हमने कब शीखा था,
बस दुनिया को देखकर, हम भी कुछ टेड़े-मेडे चल पड़े है;
किसी मुसाफिर का साथ पाना, हमने कब शीखा था !!


Rajesh said...

Very true buddy,
its really hard to manage people and specially your own family members sometimes. it was a good time to being in your village. i don't think we need any degree to manage things. only things we require is to be intelligent enough to handle at a time. but i am really worried about the guys who almost forgot the roots and doesn't any interest to go back to that childhood friend, street, village, city. life is become a race for them. although they feel they are running for a success in their life but what is the meaning of success where don't find anyone standing with you and celebrating except some selfish follower. anyways their is thinking in mind to do something for my grandparents but how? do you have any views?

Rajesh said...

check this out...
purana dost.

Hem said...

sahi hai bhaai ...

Renu said...

Hey Shiv,

It is rightly said that managing 10 people around is like managing 10 brains which adds to the difficulty and excitement too :)
Your every write up depicts your observing power. ;)
Keep Blogging !!