Monday, July 19, 2010

7.12.2010 . 7.18.2010

You might have bored with what I have written back, I believe too. So, with this blog, I will start writing about events, how I perceive them too. As an example, when I see a blonde on road side, I am afraid. There are many assumptions about what she can do. May be she can start acting in front of CCTV camera, thinking of video shoot (prank) in her city :), or its NDTV in her city.

Anyway, I started more working from home as our product recently went out to customers, and we are searching for a safe corner. :)

Monday, I was in Jaipur. It was raining when I opened my eyes with a cup of tea.  It was awesome out-side, 'rimjhim baris', 'sawan ki bahare' as you can say a hug from nature with full of energy.

I spent the day with my friends, we went to the largest mall in Jaipur (Hyper City). We took lunch there, and looked around. In this situation, I perceived that any name you gave to the city, like Jaipur is 'Pink City' or city of 'Girls' indirectly (see the color :) ) but there are all boys wondering around.

In the evening I reached my home, and did nothing.. :)

Tuesday, I reached office to do nothing, watch nothing, and talk nothing. "I want some air people", I wanted to shout but was afraid of IBM NC's. You got 3 NCs in a year and you are free to roam in this unemployed India.

Rest 3 days, I listened to music, watched some funny videos on facbook, and yes helped L3 to close some PMRs.

After helping support team, I came to know, there was orgnizational change in my team. And from nowhere, I was put in L3. "OMG, what have I done" I thought.

Its Friday again, and I came back to Home on my sweet and cruise Ride. When the wind flows against you and you drive at 110 KM/hr, when environment is full of clouds, when lightening in sky storms like to light up all dead thoughts, and a National Highway beneath you, YOU FEEL LIKE GOD !! (Sorry to advertise Bajaj Avenger :P )

This weekend, I met with the parents of a nice-&-energetic girl. Yes, you all are guessing right, I am moved to Gurgaon to get married, but wait .. No hurry. The process is just began.......

Hope you enjoyed my writing... Love to all.

इन वादियों की नरम हवा ने, लोरी गा के हमें सुलाया है,
सुबह की भीनी धुप ने, कोमल पत्तियों को छू कर जगाया है,
बादलो की लम्बी छाव जैसे खेलने को कह रही हो दिन-भर,
इन्ही लम्हों को मिलाकर, जिंदगी ने हमें जीना सीखाया है !!


Incognito said...

Sahi hai bidu...harshit ke baad next number tera hi lag raha hai mujhe!! :)

Hem said...

kab tak maaa - baapo se milegaa ....
ladkiyo se bi mil le .... :P :P :P