Saturday, July 31, 2010

7.19.2010 . 7.30.2010

I am tired of office life. Its been one month and I had only interacted with one person in office, with 'Good Morning' and 'Bye' (At my floor) and an alumnus of my school as a lunch partner.Thats all and rest is I and my thinkpad; we both don't think, just chill-out. Chilling is good, me on FB and TP in a/c environment.

In these two weeks, there was nothing much about office life. Those days, people stared at me, may be because of nobody works that much time for remotely, and people don't assume that only one person can make a Team here for any project.

So, apart from office, only life I had is to spend time at home. This week, I had an Idea that for a salaried person its hard to dream wide and big, even the salary amount varies.

Let me explain this, at this time a normal person plans according to fix income monthly, so he spent the month in debt of the next month. For a businessman, he lives the life of last month's earning.

So, for a little business I traveled to Alwar, visited the sites and met with the people. It was just starting and we had to learn a lot for our business. Anyway, while talking with people and friends, I added a new thought to my book, which I am writing for self exploration, and find out meaning of self existence in this world.

The thought was that many time you see people doing things which is not acceptable by majority of society, then you want a change, change in a person's paradigm/value/basic instincts.

This change can only occur or revert a person's habit, "if you let them know that they are having a 'bad' habit"; not by telling so many times.

Apart from writing blogs I am missing books and magazines, after coming to Home. Most of time I spent talking with relatives and friends.

In these two weeks I got time to talk someone, who is new to my friend circle, and I was keen to know more.

I am using the IBM's facility 'working from HOME' very efficiently, and this is a major reason to be with IBM.

Sawan is started with last week of July. These are Rimjim days, all birds are singing, new corps are shining and rising. Its truly heaven here, clouds in sky all the time, Fog in morning sometime, green earth surface, birds and animal are living fullest with humans.

With all this environment, I understood why all the people want to live in a heaven !!

सागर से ही जाकर है मिलना, हो हर नदी की तकदीर में जैसे,
हर सुबह खिलकर महकना, हो हर फूल की  फितरत में जैसे,
खुद जलकर हमेशा, रोशन करना होता है हर उजाले को,
टूटना-जुड़ना फिर नए काफिले बनाना, हो हर राही का मुकद्दर जैसे....


Rinkesh said...

Jai ho Shivbaba ki.

Rinkesh said...

Doing business when you are employed to IBM is BCG violation :-)))))))))))))))))))

Shiv K. Chaudhary said...

Dude, Life and business are tricky !!

Incognito said...

Well...can't wait for your book on Self Exploration to come out...I want to read it! And Business...chaudhary, business kaun sa karne lage tum??