Sunday, July 4, 2010

6.28.2010 . 7.4.2010

Sometimes, your well educated mind is baffled with the activities, people do in social environment. Same happened to me this Monday, soon after I returned from Ganges.

In our society, we do organize a feast, when an old person passes away in family, for social status and respect. Sometime back this was a compulsory, as a ritual but now a days, people are more intended to save money and thats good too.

So, at home, nobody count weekdays. They rather prefer weeks of holidays. I was on leave and the whole week seemed to me as a continuous story.

I did meet with lot of relatives and friends, family friends. Sometime, I was puzzled by people by asking a very difficult question. When a person knows you and he had met you a long time back, and now if he asks "do you recognize me ?"; you are in trouble.

Whole week was kind of routine to me, talking, talking and talking.... and more talking. On 2nd July, we did arrange food for all 'tehsil' people, as it was 12th Day.

If you want to learn your society, you have to be there and involved, the basic requirement everybody tells. But this is not that simple, where people do say something and expecting something else at the same time.

"Deemaag gol gol ghumane lagta hai, kya kare, aur kya nahi".. This is how, you learn your social interactions.

Mansoon came on 3rd July, and everyone welcomed it. Fooooo, it was very hot and this was like, "Doobate ko tinke ka sahara", In farms, most of crops were burnt dry. This was redemption from God, for the Green creature, He created on earth.

किसे खबर है, धरी की प्यास का, सिवाय बादल के,
किसे होश है आज, धरती पे, सिवाय शराबी के,
यूँ तो भटक रहा है, हर कोई, एक आशियाना के लिए;
किसे ख्याल है, हमारे दिल का, सिवाय आपके.....

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