Monday, June 28, 2010

6.21.2010 . 6.27.2010

There were a fresh and different feelings on this Monday, when I opened my bedroom's windows and saw the view. It was a beautiful morning, little cloudy, sun was shining with golden rays, hiding behind the clouds. This romantic weather and beautiful landscape, I was going to miss. I reached office little early, to pack personal stuff, and take printouts.

Most of my colleagues were updated with my departure date, so we started talking from the very beginning of the office (morning). All chatting was about, how was past, old and new teams, at Pune. These days many people left IBM; so, it was kind of regular talk.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we went for team lunches, bought shrek's family toys from McD. My mind was heavily working to store all the last days memories, as it was really tired on my last night at Pune.

I got "best of luck" from managers, hugged buddies, shook hands with colleagues on the last evening at Pune's office, and I left office at 8 PM.

When you grew older, changing places/home doesn't pressurize your heart to beat fast. In childhood, you are full with emotions, or feeling and affections. But sometime, when you leave a family (tivoli Pune, as for me), you can feel the depth of your heart.

Tuesday morning, a call from kingfisher, woke me up, it (flight) was delayed 4 and 1/2 hours, so I did rest more and spent more time with friends, who came to my flat. The final time came, and we left for the airport.

Pune's weather was very pleasant that day, breeze were blowing, little cloudy, and small green landscapes.

During the flight, it was on the Aravaly mountain ranges, our fight made 3 circles (waited for landing), as a sand storm was hitting Delhi airport.The view from sky of these hills were astonishing, while you were tilted a little along with the plane.

Again, with 1 hr delay, I reached to Delhi, took a Bus, and reached my hometown in night, it was a HOT and humid day at NCR.

At my home, there were relatives and neighbors gathering, as my grandma passed away. In India/North we spend 12 days performing some rituals when a death occur in a family.

In one of them, we (Hometown's Jats) consecrate 'asthiyan'(bones) to the Ganges, at Gadhmukteshwar, Near Hapur. I was there on bank of Ganges, early morning, on 27th June, Monday morning. When we reached to 'Ghat', it was started raining with heavy lightening for 10-12 mins. It seemed that Ma Ganga was calling with open hands.

After this ritual we left to Home.

ये मंजिले, ये रास्तें एक दिन, यूँ ही थक जाने है,
ये हवाए, ये बहारे, कुछ वक़्त के लिए थम जाने है,
सफ़र का ये राही, यूँ ही चलता रहेगा हरदम,
इस सफ़र में बस, काफिले बनते, बिगड़ते जाने है .....


raghu said...

what a heart touching ending.

Renu said...


You always go deeper into your write up, which really touches the heart.Really observant , i should say.

Wish you the best.Always.


Life with its myriad hues said...

Nice Post