Monday, June 14, 2010

6.7.2010 . 6.13.2010

What an optimistic answer one can get from a coding engineer of this question; "What will happen, if earth starts rotating 30 times faster ?" "we can get salary everyday !! [with smile]".

Lest week the code was froze, so this Monday, it was 11 AM when I reached office, and surprisingly I was first. People came and soon after we went for lunch outside "Ghar ka Khana" restaurant. We scheduled some training session for new team members and played CS; thus first time after so long, we spent Monday happily after.

I was enrolled in a training, for next couple of days, "7 Habits of Highly effective people", and soon after the start I came to know that I was there to just learn the 7th one "Sharpen the saw". Mean, make each habit regular.

It is relaxing for any employee to attend the training sessions.  Only you need to have discussions of the topics. Your opinions are listened to those, who were thinking about what they are going to say on their turn at same time :) .

I fixed all rest, small bugs till Thursday morning. We played cricket with "stress bust" ball in cubical area, and made other people noticed that we were relieved now.

"The assumptions, wrong expectations, and unclear conversations are key factor of weakening a great team." More they occur, more cracks in the wall of unity. So, its All take to build team, and very few takes to make individuals. I just wanted to share some thoughts of my mind, please don't take this seriously. Actually, sometimes we feel that we are clever then philosophy writers; so on to be grounds, we should vomit these kind of thought. (That's what I did in above scripture.)

Thursday, its was boring, as we had very less work. And just a wild thought came to my mind, why donkey is so boring when it has no work to do. Here I am not talking about donkey's feeling, I am talking about what it does, when it has not actual work.

How ironic it is, "we hate the work which we do regular basis in software offices, and when we have nothing, even for one day, it feels empty."

I heard this line from a movie that There is a very fine/thin line/wall between "what you hate" and "what you love" in your mind. What makes these two spaces very nearby is that your constant thinking about that thing/person.So, if you can't make to love you the person you want, you can try other way. Kidding, please don't try this up-proven method.

We went a team party, better my "leaving Pune" party in the evening. Some friend drunk; I can understand their feeling, and those too, who didn't. Great Hindi thinkers were asked by rest, one asked the meaning of "Handsome" in Hindi and amazingly there were no answers.

Friday morning, we did some work. Talked to children of colleagues, who bring them to office to show how hard they work :). Actually this Friday wad 'Kids Day'. Watched them played in cubical, making paintings, talking to another kid. It felt like, even I don't remember, how I might have made friends, in my childhood.

Fun-Friday, we played shouting antakshri, win the rally running competition wearing a sack.

It was raining in evening, First time this mansoon, I reached home completely wet. With this raining, I can move forward to the new season of my life, the new location.....

इस बारिस के साथ, दर्द के आंसू बह जाने दो,
बंजर जमीन पे बने पैरो के निशाँ, धुल जाने दो,
एक दिन फिर से आयेगी वो सावन की बहारे,
बस, प्यार का पौधा अपने दिल में, मत मुरझाने दो ...


Renu said...

I was waiting for this week's blog of your's as i was anticipating something about Saturday Drive of finding home ;).
It's good otherwise to know that your whole week has so much to say :)
Keep doing the good.
Wish the best always.

Shiv K. Chaudhary said...

Oh, Saturday, yes, I will write about when, the searching will be finished.

Amitesh said...

good. Keep it up. The shayari was very good..

Amudha said...

I like the shayari you write at the end of each post.. especially because its original.. quite rare to find original stuff these days.. :D

Megha said...

Made me so nostalgic. Feels like yesterday when we were going for those TDI parties. And yes the problem with work is we all hate it but cant survive without it as well.