Monday, June 21, 2010

6.14.2010 . 6.20.2010

After a long Sunday night, actually when it rains, you love so much to be in bed for a long time; I woke up late. Monday’s plan was to make preparations of shifting to Gurgaon and as of for office, waiting for Bugs to fix, if they are opened. It was raining out side, and we were watching it through office big windows along with a cup of Tea. Simulating of a camp with nothing to do, just wait there, and look around.

Tuesday, it was all day raining. Some employees reached office mostly wet. And in Men’s washroom, they were in queue for drier. To avoid this wet working style, we should keep spare pants at office if we are riding bikes, in rainy season.

We gave our daily ‘cs’ tournament a break for a while, as we needed to leave early. As it is not possible all the time to use office as fun place. ;) 
I made my reservation to Delhi, for first week of July. The date was finalized, now the time was to celebrate last few weeks in Pune, so we did nothing. (It was raining) Doing nothing sometime help us to understand what have done to us, not what we have done.
I left the office early, to go to RTO Pune. It is ridicules, this Indian Government, why we have to register the vehicle for a particular state only. What troubles people have to face, who are living near state’s borders. There are so many organization helping out people, should take this issue too, seriously. In future, we may have one Indian vehicle registration, but as of now we need to pay at least 900/- for just NOC through agent.

Wednesday, Thursday, it was all same, sit and watched clear sky after 4 days of raining, made some contribution to office/work too, likewise fixed some bugs. 
We planned our product release party, to Mumbai SL world, 2nd July. A team was built to organize this event. In IBM, a team, is more emphasized when it comes to complete a work assignment and an individual, when it comes to distribute money.

For this week, the final day arrived, and still there was nothing interesting at office/life to look into. Some tired faces were wandering in cubical to wait till evening and some were waiting to get ‘Star Of The Week’ awards in evening. This ‘FunFriday’.... hmmmm, I don’t remember what happened as I left early from office. But there were some football related events.
When your office is shifted in new location in same city, and the new location is as far as at lest 30kms, you are in pain of moving. In IT cities, only rent is hiked not the salary, in past few years. The brokers and House owner see IT people as Gold or some kind of begs full of money, which they think, these IT people don’t deserve. So, you are surprised to hear, what they are asking for an empty flat. 
One point I would like to stress that we, some IT morons, pay whatever brokerage is asked to pay. It is not legal and seriously I am going to take some action against these in Gurgaon there, if I face some. I request you all to have a receipt at least of whatever brokerage you have paid, so we, some freak people like me,  can take actions against this monopoly.
Saturday, I got the Bike NOC, went to visit a relative in Bajaj Auto Plant in Pune. It was first plant Bajaj established. It was like a small city in countryside, when it was build, but now, the PCMC city approached with very rapid constructions. I felt like, I was wandering in my college for a while, with the open area, playgrounds, and high trees.
These days I started playing ‘World of Warcraft’ a top Multiplayer game, DotA. This is really amazing game with so many actions and Heroes, made this game to reach the top of the world.
This Sunday evening, I rescheduled the plan to leave Pune, coz of an emergency at Home.  It is now 24th June, just 4 more days to go. 
सोचना था नहीं अपने लिए, हमारी तकदीर में जैसे,
कोशिश की हर मुलाकात को, दोस्ती में बदलने की जैसे,
कल ही की बात हो यूँ, किसी चहरे पे रूकगयी थी नज़र,
आज तक पहुँचाने में ही, एक सदी गुजर गयी हो जैसे !!

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Amudha said...

Ya!! Very true about the brokers.. I hate them too.. and don't even talk about RTO. Even if you pay life-time tax in another state, Maharashtra Govt. asks you to pay tax again.. Its insane..