Sunday, June 6, 2010

5.30.2010 . 6.6.2010

This Monday was different. On this day there will be more employees in office then the number of cubicals. So, I woke up early, rushed to the office to get a good corner in office. This was surprise to those, who didn't know and came late and most of new joinees. They forced to sit in between two cubicals [3 persons in 2 seats]. And this arrangement blow up a little privacy in office, which was visiting social networking sites or chatting on gtalk :)

This will continue till another floor is ready to move in. Now, it won't be a problem for me, as I am assigned a good location.

Just after location issue fixed, we need to fix the buggy code. And the team wished for "Code freeze" to be done, before opening the email containing the subject of 'code freeze' from release manager. And again date moved to Friday. (तारीख पर तारीख)

We too had a celebration as B'Day party. And we all reached 'on schedule' for lunch as 'on schedule' was in our blood, due to the weekly status injection we take every week [;)]

The lunch at Mezza9, was good. Under the influence of unknown background music,  we talked about a movie "Gunda, the epic". This movie has out-standing rhythmic dialog and stand alone in its own particular class. (Beware before making wish to watch !!)

We talked about, how a code/product would behave if it has been written by managers. A good example was severed by our manager, like any installer having only 'Next' buttons (No 'Back'), and the argue will be "why you want to go back, if you have already chosen to go forward".

Tuesday, we planned to watch movie "Prince of Persia", with vodafone 1 ticket discount. The rain on that day, was nearly succeeded to stop us watching that movie, but we drove fast and broke some traffic rules to make it. There were tree fallen on the road, a car was totaled on the bridge, and traffic-jam. But will all this, we reached just 10-mins late ;).

Movie was full of awesome action scenes and sequences. I have played the Game already, so history was known to me; but still it was worth watching.

We are so tired of code freeze, so we played cricket in cubical area, drank many paid teas to distract mind away from code.

Next event was Fun-Friday. A lady employee told us to use things and save the environment. 'She' actually told us, "NOT to SHOP" and use the waste, not dump; to make envelops, cards, pen-holders, etc. My mind was hit by this Idea, not above but this, "how a lady/girl can say, NO to SHOP". I really want to see that DAY.

We played musical chair. Ate the snacks and came back to the CODE.

Saturday, there was plan to shop, but ultimately we reached "Bhajan Lal Ka Dhaba" on Dehu Road, Just before the "toll naka".

That was fun, small talks, and we listened to nearby collage group chat. A fellow was sick of not getting a girl and all other were consoling him.

Finally Sunday, I made some more steps towards Gurgaon movement. Bike NOC and Talked with Packers and movers.

So, mix of all the events, life is still running behind code, sorry something unknown to me.

"एक दिन, ये रास्तें भी धूमिल हो जायेंगे "
"एक दिन, ये काफिले भी कही छूट जायेंगे "
"जिसका हर-पल इंतज़ार करने को कहता था दिल"
"एक दिन, वो चहरे भी धुंधले पड़ जायेंगे"

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Renu said...

Liked the read.This is one of the first things i do every monday now i guess :).
The word "CODE" in caps depicts a lot ;)