Saturday, May 29, 2010

5.23.2010 . 5.29.2010

Woke up early, as usual, and then mind just read what next !!, "oh, its work status day, and what this all about, why its on Monday, this should be on Friday, or just they want to screw our weekend with reminders of it."
Anyway reached the office, 30 mins late to usual. :), only good part of Mondays. The product bugs emails have blown up my mail box. Just wished that for the sake of programmer's life, freeze the code. The code freeze again shifted one week. :(

So, this all office routine went on whole week. Fixing and fixed by bugs...

Now our activity part...

1. We celebrated the birthdays of month, 3 victims and rest wishers. Played a game 'remember all the name said from start'. cakes were good.

2. Our Counterstrike team, played after office hours and well we laughed a lot on how we played, and how we attacked on each other; this time, office was full of sounds looked like that there was a war field attack drill.

3. Fun Friday, this week was organized by managers. All activity in this was related to collaborate, innovation and snacks I didn't taste. And, yes, Yogi played 'raag bhopali' on his flute, very nice.

Visited 'Lemon Tree' restaurant on Friday, Rinkesh's birthday party, food and ambiance was very good. There was interview of Go-Indigo-airline's air-hostesses, so yes, this gives support to my belief that beauties are still out there.

Now personal...

This week was as usual, face-book Msgs posting and commenting :), gtalk chatting, made  plans for weekend, of which very few of them were executed. Learned some management tricks about Hard time project management cycle and processes. And, yes, how to improve your PJ's.

I am feeling happy, Finally I am moving to Gurgaon, near to those people who can understand me.

यादो के सहारे, ये दिन-रात कैसे गुजारे,
बिन किसी और के सहारे, जिंदगी कैसे गुजारे;
हम भी लिखेंगे अपनी तकदीर एक दिन,
वो दिन आने तक, ये वक़्त कैसे गुजारे !!


Manish said...

Good One Shiv !! Seems you are now slowly improving as a great blogger..newayz...on your quotes about Lemontree..hmmm...well yes no doubt about that :-), but "Go-Indigo-airline's air-hostages" i was known only about Air-Hostesses :-) it seems indigo kept some of them in captivity..LOL :-) a few spelling mistakes but overall a very good try buddy,it was a good read, keep going..All the best!!

Shiv K. Chaudhary said...

Yes, I meant hostesses.
Thanks for this.

Harshit said...

kab a raha hai gurgaon ?

Amudha said...

Enjoyed reading it.. Looking forward to more..